Taking a Step Back To Consider Our Wildly Important Business GOAL in 2015 !

“When you eat or drink or do anything else, always do it to honor God.”                     1 Corinthians 10:31

As we swing into gear for yet another year of business, I thought it might be useful to pause for just a few minutes and consider what could or should be our WILDLY IMPORTANT GOAL for our businesses in 2015.

Yes I understand that you may have already sat down with your senior management team to write down your company objectives and key results for your business.  If so, kudos to you! The Bible has a number of references and reasons that certainly urge us to make careful plans for our businesses.

  1. Business planning helps us to be better stewards of the resources that God has entrusted to us as senior leaders of our companies.
  2. If we don’t consciously set business goals, then we are really just admitting that our goal is to keep things just the way they are today in our business.
  3. Setting goals can stretch our faith. Rick Warren says that goals affirm that we trust God and even how much we trust God to act on our behalf. The bigger the goal we set the more we have to rely on His help to achieve it.
  4. Setting goals help us to really focus our energy. You won’t have any real impact if you focus your business efforts in too many directions. ( I have seen many companies set way TOO MANY Goals! In a given year)

Even if you have already set your goals, have you stopped to consider if God can bless and then actually help you to accomplish in your business?  Rick Warren believes that God can bless,  “Any goal that causes you to trust Him more, to depend on Him more, to love Him more, to love other people more, to serve God and to serve others.”

Please note that these goals can not be motivated by selfish reasons or by greed, fear or pride!   He just won’t bless a business based on those foundations.

If you took one big step back and asked what is the main motive behind each of our Company business goals, what would you say? Not just the immediate business reason, but the reason behind the reason.  Hopefully, each of our goals will pass through the filter that they honor and glorify God.  If not, you may need to go back and modify them.

A few years back one our CEO Institute Members owned a software business. Their revenues were about $10 million a year and their net profits were about $4 million a year. From a strictly business perspective, this was surely a superlative business performance!  They were certainly ethical and honest people. However, there was no focus at all by the senior leadership team about honoring God through the business.  When they sold the Company for $50 million, they certainly had a lot of money in the bank, but they likely obtained their entire reward here on earth at the expense of accruing any eternal rewards!

Hopefully each of us can set goals for our business that God can bless and reward both on a temporal and an eternal basis.

So now let’s talk about our goals and our motives in our own companies.

                                                    Discussion Questions

  1. Have you set any business goals at this time for 2015? If not, why not? If so, what are they?
  1. What are the real motives behind the goals that you and your team have set for your enterprise in 2015 ?

3.   Do each of your business goals honor or glorify God in a direct or even indirect way? Are they goals that God can bless?

4.   Do the business goals you have set require God’s help or involvement in order to see them be realized or can you accomplish them in your own strength?


About The CEO Institute

I am a Christian Businessman in The Dallas Area and am President of an organization called The CEO Institute. www.ceoinst.com. We help Christian Business Executives to learn how to lead and manage their companies in a Biblically consistent, Kingdom Building manner.
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