Attend Our Presentation on Getting Lean in 2015

As the holidays approach it gets harder and harder to say no to all of the delicacies that are thrust at us at Christmas parties, family celebrations and the annual Company Christmas Party.  As we succumb to all of the foodie temptations, our belts gradually get tighter and tighter until we reach the point on January 1st where we need to make a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION to GO LEAN and drop the unneeded pounds !

So in an effort to help our CEO Institute Members and Guests improve their stewardship in their companies and dramatically increase their profits , we will be discussing Principles of Lean Office & Administration at our January 2015 Faith & Business Forums at The CEO Institute.

Topics Include:

1.  How to reduce paperwork processing time by up to 90%.

2. How to improve On Time performance  by up to 90%.

3. How to reduce administrative errors  by up to 50%

4. How to reduce work in process can be reduced up to 90%.


Frank Groentemann, Senior Consultant at TMAC

Frank Groentemann, Senior Consultant at TMAC

Our Guest Presenter is Frank Groentemann, Senior Consultant at TMAC. Frank and his teammates have extensive experience in helping companies all around the state to reduce waste in their operations which directly increased their profits !

Dates: Jan. 14th, 15th and 22nd at 9:00 a.m.

Meeting locations will vary by date.

If you are a senior business executive in a Dallas Fort Worth privately held company, and you would like more information about attending one of these lean office presentations, please call Lane Kramer, President, The CEO Institute for more information at 214-890-9925.

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About The CEO Institute

I am a Christian Businessman in The Dallas Area and am President of an organization called The CEO Institute. We help Christian Business Executives to learn how to lead and manage their companies in a Biblically consistent, Kingdom Building manner.
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