Can Jesus Really Make a Difference In Your Business?

                                   Does Jesus Really Make a Difference In Your Business?

                                                                   By Lane A. Kramer

     Last evening I went down to the Dallas County Jail with a couple of Christian buddies of mine to pray for and with the people in the jail. No, we did not see and pray for any of the prisoners. Rather we prayed for friends and family members coming down the hallway after they had gone to see their loved ones who were behind bars.

     As people walked down the hall, we would just smile at them and ask them if they needed any prayer.  It was really quite interesting to see the diverse reactions of the people. Some just walked by while shaking their heads no. Other said no I am in a big hurry.  A few said “No habla English and kept walking. However, about one third of the people came over and said yes please pray for me and my loved one behind bars.

     Wow, you talk about a rich time of spiritual connection!  These were people with serious burdens whose loved ones who had either committed or were accused all kinds of crimes. They were missing their husbands, brothers, sons.  Despite the fact that we did not know them they were quite candid in telling us what we could pray about for them.  When we were done holding their hands while praying , you could see a big smile on their face, they thanked us profusely and you could see that they felt greatly blessed by the presence and the power of the Lord.

     So you may be saying, Lane, that is a nice story but what a trip to the Dallas County Jail have to do with me as a business person?  Well I believe there are several distinct parallels and please let me illustrate them for you.  Every Christian business leader constantly has all kinds of challenges, problems, storms and yes even perplexing opportunities facing them at work.  And as human beings with a fallen nature, yes we even bear the stain of sin on our lives at times

     What I have observed about many Christian business executives is that despite their work dilemmas and challenges, they are “too busy” to stop and seek wisdom from the scripture, spend time praying to God, and building their relationship with the most able business consultant on the entire planet! Although they might still be feeling guilty about yelling at their executive assistant they just want to pretend that the guilt feeling will just go way with a little time. They are just like many of the people who walked by us at the jail who were in such a BIG HURRY that they had no time to ask God to work in their lives.

     Here is a case in point. While I was taking a walk at 6:30 a.m. one day this week, I saw my neighbor who is a COO of a major real estate company, driving down the street on his way to the office. I could not help but wonder if he had taken the time to fill up his spiritual tank and release his cares and burdens to the Lord that morning.  Or was he on the way to “man handle” his business challenges in his own strength? Only God knows for sure.

     However, just like the people at the jail who had really heavy hearts, really wise business executives realize that the burden of running a business is just too great to do it by themselves. They KNOW they need the help of Jesus in the form of His wisdom, guidance, provision, peace and love and mercy and yes forgiveness!  They also understand that this help just does not come by osmosis.  The help we need from God happens best when we make regular spiritual pitstops to fill up our spiritual tanks and receive what we truly need that day straight from the heart of God.

      But does this prayer business really work? Last night one of the family members walked past us. Then she stopped and doubled back and a BIG SMILE came across her face. She then exclaimed, “You know that prayer you said for me last week? Well it’s working. Things are really starting to happen!  Can I give you a HUG ? I really appreciate your prayers!”  All I can tell you is that woman and her loved one had been touched by the grace, mercy, love and power of The Lord Jesus Christ.   Nobody else could have done for her what He did as a result of the prayer from the prior week.

     Well Mr. or Ms. Business person if you are still not convinced that Jesus is up to the task of helping you to make wise decisions, solve complex business problems, and  bring peace out of chaos at the office, would you please give Him a try and let Him show you that He is really who He says He is?  Would humble yourself,  get down on your knees, worship Him, share your needs with Him and see if you don’t see His power and might flow into your situation?  I am not saying that if you do this, that your problems will disappear immediately, but I believe that you will start to see His power flow into your knottiest situations and He will show you that He alone is the one who can truly meet all of your needs.

     Lane Kramer is The President & Founder of The CEO Institute in Dallas, TX ( see  and also Founder of At Work On Purpose- North Texas. 


About The CEO Institute

I am a Christian Businessman in The Dallas Area and am President of an organization called The CEO Institute. We help Christian Business Executives to learn how to lead and manage their companies in a Biblically consistent, Kingdom Building manner.
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